Free casino games plugin with a few lines of code

Adding free games to websites regardless of the platform or system is a matter of adding a few lines of code.
Our free casino games system makes it simple to add value to a free gaming experience.  

Examples of clients benefitting from our system

Below we’ve provided examples of clients utilizing our free online casino games system. Our biggest client has nearly 40,000 registered users with over 70% still playing regularly.

Clients utilizing our free casino games software

There are many different ways that webmasters can benefit from a system like ours. For example many of our clients simply integrate our free casino games within their sites in order to collect information (double opt-in e-mail addresses) which they then later use to contact players either in relation to free games contests or promos or to attempt to convert these free players into real money depositors elsewhere.

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What we have to offer webmasters

Below we try to offer what’s included in our free online casino games plugin for webmasters. Given a chance our system really sells itself so please contact us for more information if you’re interested in test-driving our free games system.

Free Casino Games Preview


Customizing the look and feel of the free games instance is quick and easy. Our system provides a WYSIWYG tool allowing our clients to quickly and effortlessly modify the way their free games look. Doing so allows for customization so that the free games can look most suitable to the design of an existing website. Those who chose not to use our color picker can simply select one of the pre-defined color schemes that best suits the look of the existing website.


There are several customizable regions within the free casino games console which clients can modify to their specific requirements within our control panel. Elements such as scrolling text, and banners embedded within the HTML portions of the page can be copied and pasted from existing affiliate programs or any image with a web reference can be added and pulled into the console. We also provide access to in-game Flash based pop-ups and play for real buttons.


Managing members though our control panel is easy. We provide simple tools to allow our clients to reset all member credits, add credits and perform other tasks customary with managing players in a free online gambling environment. We’ve also created a nifty tool to allow our clients to easily add top player scores onto their websites. This can be done within the control panel with full color customization using JavaScript or PHP. It’s a convenient way to show scores.

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